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Kristin Spencer _ profileHello! This is me, Kristin Spencer. I lovingly write “Sincerely Adorned – Women’s Discipleship Online.” If you want to know why I started this blog, please check out Introductions.

I am 32 years old, I have three adorable children, and my husband and I are missionaries in Greece. But more than any of those things, I am a child of the Creator of the universe. Jesus Christ has gently plucked me out of the pit of hell and showed me love and mercy. I am so thankful for His wisdom, and I pray that this blog will bless you and encourage you in your journey towards becoming closer to God.

For more about my personal testimony, here is part one and part two.

If you have any specific topics or questions you want me to cover, please feel free to email me at kristin.n.spencer [at] gmail.com

God bless you!!

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