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Perhaps the only thing more annoying than political rhetoric is people’s reactions to it. Nobody wants to be seen as friendly to the other side, so any reaction to anything political must be a statement about your loyalty. Take this refugee mess brought on by President Donald Trump’s executive order that bans people from (some) terror-affiliated countries […]

via I’m not scared of refugees, even if some of them turn out to be terrorists — Jason Writes About Stuff

I thought I would share this post, because I can relate, and I know a lot of you can too… Please read it.

I’m not scared, and I also wish people would stop trying to convince me I should be. I’m sure I will get a lot of angry tweets and comments when my new book comes out next month, because the main character decides she isn’t scared of refugees either. But I don’t care anymore.

Praying for you, brave brothers and sisters, as you keep trying to engage hate with the love of Christ.

Sincerely adorned,


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