In Need of Prayer

I wanted to humbly ask you for prayer. Over the last few months I have had a strong stirring in my heart to learn to walk with people that have been sexually abused or suffered from domestic violence as they journey along the path to healing. When my father-in-law came to visit for Christmas he arrived with several books I had ordered that I believe will create a lasting foundation on Jesus Christ to help people deal with these specific kind of hurts. I know that Jesus can heal the hearts of individuals that have gone through intense suffering, because I have met individuals that have been healed. My goal is to learn how to be sensitive to the specific type of pain, the after affects, and the biblical approach to healing for sexual assault and domestic violence.


I realize that I am in a spiritual battle as I seek to help people find healing in Jesus Christ through some of life’s most difficult abuses, and I had a dream warning me to that reality a week ago. I don’t want to pretend like this is going to be easy, and I know I will need help.

I am asking, would you pray for me? I am going to need consistent prayer for several weeks as I study four different books (along side of the Bible of course).

Here are the specific prayer needs I have:

-That I would learn everything God has for me on this wisdom and knowledge journey.

-God would protect my children (they are an easy spot for the enemy to attack through school, health, and various other things).

-God would protect my husband and I in our marriage and especially our times of intimacy. It can be really overwhelming to read about rape all day and then readjust to the Biblically beautiful idea of sex between a husband and a wife.

-God would protect the people we minister to on a regular basis. I have often seen that as they are praying for me, the enemy attacks them as well.

-I would be kept by God, remaining pure, as I’m sure many temptations will arise during this time.

-I would guard my heart against discouragement, which has been a difficulty lately due to various circumstances.

Thank you for laboring with me in prayer. I will be posting occasional updates about my progress and different things I am learning.

Love in Him,