You Aren’t Worthless: Unlock the Truth to Godly Confidence


You aren't worthless

You Aren’t Worthless: Unlock the Truth to Godly Confidence

by Kristin N. Spencer

As a young woman I was often told that I had low self-esteem. I did not understand what true confidence was, and this negatively affected every aspect of my life. Over the last ten years, God has taken me on a journey to discover the truth about godly confidence. Although it was painful and sometimes I resisted, I would not trade those lessons for anything.

Are you tired of the unrealistic expectations that the world places on your appearance and personality? Have you experienced dark times in your past, hurtful friendships, or the despair of loneliness? This book is for you. As a plus-sized woman of God, I understand what it is like to have insecurities. Join me in a conversation where we will talk about all of the things no one feels comfortable mentioning in relation to confidence and self-esteem. At the end of this conversation, you will be faced with a choice; either you choose to believe what God has written in the Bible about His love for you, or you can choose the wide path full of miserable and deceived company. Which path will you follow? I hope that like me, you will finally be set free from the lies that Satan uses to make us feel worthless and unconfident.

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2 thoughts on “You Aren’t Worthless: Unlock the Truth to Godly Confidence

  1. Good morning. I just discovered your book while scrolling my kindle search. I am so glad I did. I have really enjoyed reading it so far. However, could you explain to me how low self esteem is pride. I think that is so interesting, but I honestly don’t understand. Pride seems like something you are overly, well proud of. I am not proud of my low self esteem. I have been praying about this since I read it yesterday and still feel confused. I am really struggling lately with this issue and have had a bit of an eye opener recently. I would love to better understand you point. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Pride can be one of the most subtle sins in Satan’s sin arsenal. It usually isn’t obvious to the person who struggles with it. The reason that low self esteem is pride, is because if you have low self esteem, it means you disagree with all of the truths God’s Word says about you. It means that you think you know better than God. Where God says, “You are worth more than many sparrows,” and “I have loved you with an everlasting love,” you respond with, “Well, that’s just because You don’t really know me. If You really knew me, God, You wouldn’t love me.” So when we say to God, “Your creation isn’t as great as You say it is,” even when we are talking about ourselves, we are responding in a prideful way. Humility means that we recognize God’s authority over our own. And when we refuse to acknowledge that in His Word He declares that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are sinning. That specific sin is pride. The Bible says that God cannot lie (Titus 1:2).
    Often, our low self esteem is also rooted in pride because by it’s nature, it says, “People don’t treat me the way I should be treated, and that means I’m worth less.” But if we look at the way people treated Jesus, we can recognize that we don’t have any guarantee that people should treat us a certain way. (I am speaking in general, not about abusive cases). For me, it was that way. I was demanding to be noticed and loved by people, and that was prideful. At the same time I had to learn to separate that pride from the feelings of rejection that were caused by abusive situations during my adolescence. I have recently had to learn to use healthy boundaries to help me have freedom from people that wanted to influence me by trying to make me something God doesn’t want me to be (mostly a doormat). A great book to read is “Boundaries,” by Henry Cloud and James Townsend. That way you can determine if one of the reasons you struggle with worthlessness is because of unhealthy relationships in your life.
    Does that answer your question? I’d be glad to answer anything else 🙂 Praying for you!

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