The Purpose of This Website

As I have grown in my faith, I have met many young women that need to be discipled. If we rewind 12 years, I was one of those young women myself, and I couldn’t find anyone to disciple me for several years. I needed someone to help me understand the basic ideas and struggles that Christians face, but there wasn’t anyone available. I was in between high school and college and there didn’t seem to be a place for me to go for discipleship. I felt too young and inexperienced to join the Women’s Study, but I was too old to stay in the Senior High group.┬áBack then they didn’t have a solid college group. Fast forward to the present. A younger friend was talking to me about how it is difficult to find good online resources to encourage women in their relationship with Jesus Christ. She said she wished I could have conversations with many of the young women she was counseling, that needed an older sister in the Lord to help them along the way. I started searching for resources online that would a woman through her faith starting on day one, but I couldn’t find anything. I ended up finding a few resources for discipleship workshops online, but they all had to be purchased. In my opinion, the gospel of Jesus Christ should be available to anyone that wants to learn about it, even if they cannot afford to pay for some online discipleship program.

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After much prayer and talking to other women about this idea, Sincerely Adorned was born. Maybe you are like I was, and you don’t have anyone in your life that will come along and disciple you right away. Maybe you are blessed and do have a woman to teach your more about Jesus, but you want to add to that encouragement by reading Sincerely Adorned. Either way, welcome. I hope this website will bless you as your grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

I also hope to encourage others to pray for and become missionaries, as we all work together towards the great commission to make more disciples of Jesus Christ.

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